Digital Alchemy



Technology and algorithm have played a huge role in reshaping the way we think, exist and operate. “Digital Alchemy” is a series of photographic artworks that revolve around observations within the human landscape where technology appears dominant; it explores technology’s integration into the urban landscape, the evolution of our processing capabilities, as well as the contemporary interdependency of society and technology. It represents the fabric of the built environment as digital and contrived - presented as territories, detached from their immediate context, and existing as environments of their own. What will one day be the relics of the digital era currently stand as mediators between the real and the virtual world.



The body of work portrays graphical patterns captured photographically within real and existing urban spaces and structures, referencing digital data that has been materialized within the real world, and exists in the grey-area in between the physical and the intangible. This explores the impact of algorithm within global spectacles undergoing fast growth and expansion; from urban sprawls to mass markets, from technological to cyber expansion. Devoid of human existence, “Digital Alchemy” represents the by-products of our interventions on the environment, revealing digital artefacts that govern our urban morphology today.

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